Good teaching is always a team effort and we would be nothing if not for our wonderful partners.

Here are some of the organisations and people who have made You can teach this class possible:


VESL (Volunteers for Educational Support and Learning) is a UK-based charity. It started as an organisation that sent volunteers to Sri Lanka, India and Thailand to teach in primary and secondary schools while living with local host families. It has since evolved into a grant-giving organisation that supports education projects. All of the income from the sale of the English version of this book will go towards VESL and the projects it supports.

In the first instance, VESL is how Kath and Rosie met. It was while volunteering in Sri Lanka for VESL that Kath and Rosie came up with the idea for You can teach this class. Lots of other VESL volunteers have been the source of inspiration for some of the activities in the book. The book has been used as part of the volunteer training that Kath and Rosie have done for VESL volunteers.


VESS (Venad Education and Social Services) is a not for profit social enterprise working in coastal communities in the Trivandrum district of Kerala, South India. They aim to improve the opportunities of children and young people in coastal communities through education and employability training. VESS works to establish a range of educational services including implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations in traditional fishing and marginalised communities in India.

Kath volunteered with VESS and has used the book in her teaching in India. Again, many VESS volunteers have provided ideas and inspiration for some of the activities in the book.

Hanna's Orphanage

Hanna's Orphanage is a small charity set up to help vulnerable children of Ethiopia by supporting the maintenance and expansion of Hanna Orphans Home. We fundraise in the UK for the orphanage, and provide them with toys, books, clothes and sports equipment and anything else they need.

Kath and Rosie have, over several years, provided training to volunteers going out to Ethiopia for Hanna's Orphanage. They have used You can teach this class as the basis of that training.

Azizi Life

Azizi Life is a development charity working with artisan communities in rural Rwanda. Azizi Life celebrates the beauty of connections: connections that bring a fair wage to hard-working Rwandan artisans; connections that give you a glimpse into someone else's world; connections that put beautiful and functional art at your fingertips!

During her time in Rwanda, Kath did some teacher training with Azizi Life and used You can teach this class extensively in that training. Click here if you would like to learn more about their Adult Literacy programme. Also, Azizi Life provided the resources to translate the book into Kinyarwanda.