You can teach this class

When you're next in a school with a great lesson for grade 11 planned and you discover that grade 11 are on a school trip but the grade two teacher is absent and the head teacher says "It's OK, you can teach this class", then smile, breathe, step into the class with confidence, because yes, you can teach this class.

You can teach this class is a book of teaching activities primarily aimed at language teaching. It has been used in classrooms in Europe, Asia and Africa. We hope that it can take some of the pressure off facing your next class of eager students, regardless of how much (or how little) warning you have been given and how many (or few) resources you have to hand.

All of the income from the sale of this book goes to VESL who are a UK-based, grant-giving, education charity working in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

You Can Teach This Class - PDF

You can teach this class is now available to buy as a PDF or ebook.